About Us

Helping people discover Oregon craft beer!

Jay and Joe Cam, craft beer enthusiasts, created the Oregon Beer Club out of a desire to introduce new beers and breweries to other Oregonians.

In 2015, Jay and Joe founded Pacific Growlers Tap House in Beaverton, Oregon. Their vision was to create a neighborhood space to discover, taste, and compare craft beer where patrons and friends could gather to celebrate their shared passions. So, it’s no surprise that Jay and Joe decided to create a subscription box dedicated exclusively to Oregon craft beers and breweries!

Membership in the Oregon Beer Club is like having your own personal beer delivery service. Each beer box includes a monthly shipment of beers selected just for you, all handcrafted by small-production breweries using traditional brewing ingredients with creative techniques and time-honored methods!

In addition, each beer box delivery offers opportunities for virtual beer tastings, beer festivals, brewery visits, and beer discovery from the comfort of people’s homes.